Cloud Time Attendance System + facial recognition Bundle




Facial recognition Bundle

Cloud Based Time Attendance System+Face Recognition Reader

This is a discounted bundle package providing all you need to monitor and report on your employees attendance.

Bundle includes :-

  • A premium face recognition attendance terminal click for more info

    Compact Face recognition reader for time attendance
    Compact smart facial recognition reader for time attendance
  • A years subscription to the attendance software with all the following features and more including full support.
  • Use of mobile app for time attendance with geo location
  • Setup of unlimited geo fence bubbles
  • 50 employee user licence more can be added if required
  • Unlimited admin accounts
  • Absence booking
  • Time attendance reports
  • Roll call on mobile app or web page report

Our cloud attendance system is developed exclusively by us for the uk market and is supported and maintained by our own staff within the UK.

The system is fully supported with online chat screens from every page of the system, or our website and free training is provided, when required.

System supplied via courier for easy self installation with easy mount facility box and plug in power and network sockets. Professional installation service also available from £200


WiFi, RFID Card fob PIN or Face now with Fingerprint too

This premium face reader terminal comes with everything you might need built in.

With built in WiFi / PIN keypad / RFID card or key fob reader and a fingerprint reader.

 2 x 100-megapixel face recognition cameras

With 2 x 100-megapixel cameras the quality of image is very high and once registered it is hard to stop it reading your face it will work from up to 5m away if needed. It even has a built in auto detecting night light for use in low light conditions.  The unit has various levels of live detection and also Spoof photo detection can be turned on if required.

Mobile App infoattendance clocking app

Our Allday clock in mobile app which is available for Android and IOS will enable your employees to clock IN or OUT via a mobile phone. Records are securely stored on our hosted system. Managers can view these records including the geo location of the event on google maps from any web enabled device such as mobile or tablet.

Geo fence’s can also be set up as needed.

Mobile App users can :-

  • Create a clock IN event which is geo located
  • Create an OUT event which is again geo located
  • Run a report for their own IN OUT events for a date range
  • Run a roll call report for all staff or for a particular location within the company *
  • Note: each location requiring to be separated on the Roll call report will need a separate attendance device.

Managers can authorise or deny use of the Mobile app for individual employees via the online account setup for the employee.


Managers can view geo location on Google maps for the IN OUT events created.

Mobile attendance records are displayed and calculated in the clock card screen of your online account producing hours and optionally pay totals.

Every system subscription includes the ability to view and manage your employees electronic clock cards.

Including storing of historic clock cards.

Employee pay calculation with payments and deductions is also available.

Print the clock cards or email them to yourself or the employee.



Attendance report
Sample Clock Card Report (click to view)
Sample Date range report (Click to view)
Roll Call Report
Sample Roll Call Report(Click to view)

Simple global reports

Clock cards, With or without overtime calculated.

IN and OUT times,

Employee details,

Absences and Roll call.



Recording employee time attendance

You may not always wish to pay your employees for every minute they attend as they may clock in a few minutes early and use this time to chat, have a coffee or read the news. This is where rounding’s come in useful to push the totals of hours to the nearest time increment such as the next 15 minute point so 08:57 becomes 09:00 for example. Likewise, if someone is a minute late you may not wish to penalise them – for instance, arriving at 09:01 – you may not want to round this to 09:15 so this is where Grace comes in handy so you can give employees say 3 minutes Grace – then 09:01 becomes 09:00 not 09:15.

Select your Time Attendance System Level
Select your Time Attendance System Level

Absence booking

Create as many absence types as you need and then employee absences can be booked to the absence calendar – you can then have a clear view of historic and future staff absences and run reports of absence for this week , next week or whenever you need.

Self Service Rotas

This is an add on option to a main subscription package as listed on this page please add this item into your basket then if you do not already have a main package subscription choose your main package from the link above and also add that to your basket. Managers who are tied down with the requirement to build and maintain employee shift rotas will appreciate our latest feature.


Using our cloud based Time Attendance system and our Rotas feature you can empower your flexible workforce to choose the shifts that suit them leaving your managers free to do other tasks and not waste time building and altering rotas.

The Rotas can be fully managed and allocated by the manager or you can allow your employees to select what Rotas they wish to work while still retaining overall control of what is available.

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Watch the setup video

Contact us for more info +44(0)1252 544457