Fingerprint Time Clock From £166.66+Free Software

Fingerprint or optional RFID Time Clock + Free Software

This system is ideal for a small to medium business who just needs a simple no fuss system at unbeatable value.

The Timekeeper Fingerprint Time Clock is supplied with free very basic and easy to use Time Attendance software, with free support via web chat. The  fingerprint attendance terminal and free windows based attendance software will support up to 3,000 employees at no additional cost.

You can choose how your employees register for IN OUT records

Either they can use the built in Fingerprint reader or your employees can use a PIN to clock IN or OUT  or even use an optional RFID reader and a Card or Fob – the choice is yours.

Our Fingerprint/Optional RFID attendance terminals with optional built in WiFi

If the WiFi model is  selected the terminal is supplied with a built in WiFi facility – allowing easy connection to your network at no extra charge.

The WiFi model also includes a built in RFID reader allowing use with a Fob or Card if needed It also has built in live connectivity allowing you to connect this terminal to our more advanced web based systems should you want to upgrade in the future.

Timekeeper Attendance terminals

The terminals are available with Fingerprint Biometrics built in and an option of RFID card reader , as well as also having a PIN facility should it be needed.

Terminals include:

  • Built in Fingerprint reader
  • Optional RFID reader,
  • Optional Built in WiFi,
  • Keypad for data entry and use of employee PIN if required,
  • Standard network TCP/IP connection,
  • Large 4 inch TFT full colour display,
  • Voice prompts for enrollment and confirmation of clocking In / Out,
  • Live connectivity, (to web hosted system for if you wish to upgrade in the future)
  • USB socket for manual data download where a network is not available,
  • 1 years warranty,
  • User setup guide (but you can always ask us too if you get stuck remember  we have free support via our web chat service),
  • 240v AC adaptor,
  • Wall mounting plate and desk top stand.

What will the free Time Attendance software do?

  • The Timekeeper software can be installed in minutes and has many intuitive features that make it extremely user friendly.
  • The software connects to your Time clock on your local network.
  • The software collects and stores the attendance records on your computer (not Apple Compatible).
  • You can use the software to add employee names and clock id numbers.
  • Produce attendance reports of your choice of date range for your employees.
  • Produce reports which calculate from the In  time to the Out time, the total worked hours and minutes for each employee for each day and give individual employee running totals.
  • You can add absence bookings to the software if you wish.
  • The software will provide an absence report for your employees.
  • The software will provide Exports or the attendance times in csv or pdf files.
  • The software can also export the attendance times for transfer to Our cloud time Attendance System Freetime-Prime if required.
  • We provide free support for the TimeKeeper system via web chat and email.
  • The software does not include employee total roundings, or auto lunch break deductions, or night shifts passing midnight. Not suitable for Apple. For these features and many more advanced ones we recommend our more advanced software Cloud Time Attendance.


Want more features?

As well as being able to be used with the free Timekeeper software, your new attendance terminal can be connected to our more advanced Web Hosted cloud based Time Attendance system for extra features as your requirements change. To enable this, you will need to have an active account in place.  Freetime is a modular system – which means you only pay for the features you need.  and can ensure the investment you have made in this terminal is not lost if you need to upgrade later  Start your free trial today.

Seiko TP-50 (Seiko TP20 replacement) – Versatile Automatic Time Recorder Stamp

Seiko Tp-50 Time Stamp – Automated Time, Date, Numbering and messaging printer from Seiko. Seiko TP20 replacement – does everything the TP20 does and more…

Introducing the new Seiko TP-50, the latest Time and Date Stamp Time Recorder from Seiko.  As well as the basic functions as the Seiko TP20, the Seiko TP50 has more advanced features and facilities.  Most noteworthy features include:

  • Up to 2 lines of automatic printing.
  • Up to 4 print patterns (or print sets) can be also be stored and accessed at the touch of a dedicated button.
  • Optional set up on unit or PC set up and transfer via USB memory stick.
  • Clear graphical display with text and icons.

Seiko has been known for precision, reliability and excellence since 1881.

The Seiko TP-50 is very versatile yet easy to use, typical uses include:

  • Job costing – in car/ vehicle servicing and repair garages.
  • Time attendance – in the work place.
  • Delivery/ dispatch – Hospitals, businesses, shops, warehouses.
  • Ticketing/ Ticket validation – car parks, laundry.
  • Check-in/ Check-out – hotels, daycare, care homes.
  • Documents issuing/ Receiving – stock brokers, banking, local Government, college coursework.
  • Recording transactions – financial.
  • Plus more…
 More Details of the Seiko TP-50:
Versatile Number Counter:

The Seiko TP-50 offers flexible counting – count-up/ down, counting within a limited range, repeating numbers, counting in an endless loop. Ideal for ticketing and other applications.

Customised Comments:

Another new feature for the Seiko TP-50 is that it can have up to 8 bespoke formats or ‘customised comments’.

Shifted Time Printing:

As well as current date & time, another feature of the Seiko TP-50 is that it can print shifted future dates and times (up to 14 days 23 hours and 59 minutes).  As a result this is especially relevant and useful for expiry dates, get-ready dates for retail, food preparation and also for labs.

Easy alignment of print position:

Using the slide lever and the paper guide gauge the printing position of the paper/ card can also be adjusted and fixed into the correct position.

Looking for a lower price? then why not consider an ex-demonstration or ex-rental Seiko TP-20 unit fully serviced and also includes a full 6 months warranty guarantee for just £149. Contact 01252 517123 for availability.

Furthermore, we also offer an installation service through our partner company Allday Time Systems. An experienced engineer will attend your site to set up and install the Seiko Tp50 for you. With our Seiko TP50 installation service we will also provide 12 months on-site support giving you complete peace of mind with a quality yet affordable price.

If you are interested in our installation service then either call us on 01252 517123 or email for more details.


Freetime-Prime – Time Attendance Software Solution

  • Cloud web based or self install options
  • Card or Fob Attendance Unit + WiFi From £299
  • Fingerprint Biometric Clock From £166.
  • Time Attendance Software Solution, suitable for small to medium sized business.

Freetime-Prime Time and Attendance System.

Our FreetimePrime solution can now be offered as a very low cost fully supported web hosted solution with no software to install or maintain which also includes unlimited support from our UK support team too. For further details follow this link Low cost Web based cloud hosted Time Attendance system

Highly featured Time Attendance Solution for small Business.

Features include:

  • Choice of Biometric Fingerprint with WiFi or Proximity Attendance Unit
  • Various employee capacity options start at 25 expandable to 50/75/ 100 or above by low cost upgrade
  • Pin entry available on either attendance units if needed
  • Web hosted
  • Fire roll call report
  • Access from any web enabled device for reports where ever you are at whatever time.
  • Department setup
  • Exception reporting
  • Uses Allday Time Systems designed and developed software
  • Permanent free comprehensive helpdesk support and set-up assistance
  • TCP/IP network communications as standard with live data
  • WiFi now standard on Biometric fingerprint terminal
  • Collect the clockings with a USB memory stick if you have no network point

Pay As You Go Option no long term contract – view options.

Clocking Machine ‘Starter Pack’

Clocking machine Starter Pack – includes 125 cards and a 20 position card rack. Great value for money! Only £99.99 

Clocking Machine Starter Pack only £99.99! Everything you need to get your staff clocking:

  • Fully set up (just plug it in and start clocking!)
  • 125 cards and a 20 position card rack included
  • Next working day delivery
  • key and manual included
  • Auto card feed with 6 Print columns
  • Programmable Auto IN/OUT Lateness printed in RED
  • Battery backup for use during power failure

Fully automatic clocking machine from Quickclocks.

  • This Clocking Machine comes with a full one year parts and labour warranty
  • Auto IN/OUT Programmable print location (no buttons to press)
  • Prints across the card
  • Automatically adjusts for Bst/Gmt hour changes, short months, leap years or power cuts
  • Built-in battery backup maintains clock and program data during power failure
  • Dot matrix printing 9 pin head not just 7 (clear to read)
  • Programmable print selection: day or date; AM/PM or 0-23 hour
  • Large Analogue face – easy to read display.
  • With fitted 3 pin mains plug this clock will be ready to use when you unpack it!

This is a quality clocking machine at a bargain price. Quickclocks is a leading UK supplier of clocking machines and systems.  We can also offer a professional installation service through our partner firm Allday Time Systems. With our installation service a fully trained engineer would attend your site and set the machine up for you. With our installation service you would also benefit from 12 months on site warranty.  Making the whole process hassle free and giving you complete peace of mind. Give us a call and we can discuss your requirements on 01252 517123.

When ordering, why not add an extra ribbon, or extra cards or an extra card rack at the special prices listed below.

price ONLY £99.99

Special Offers (if purchased with the Starter Pack):
*Extra 500 cards £20.00
*Extra print ribbon £10.00
*Extra 20 position Card Rack £19.00

QC200 Range – Clock Cards

Weekly Clock Cards for the Quickclocks QC200 range of clocks.

Quickclocks QC200 Clock Cards

Quickclocks QC200 Clock cards . Quality and genuine weekly Clock Cards for your Quickclocks QC200 and QC200N range of Time recorder clocks. Please note these Clock cards are not suitable for Seiko QR375 QR395 calculating Time Recorder or QC400 QC500 Time recorder Clocks So therefore please see the Seiko QR375/QR395 cards page also Quickclocks QC400 QC500 clock cards Page for suitable cards for these machines.


500 Clock Cards  for just £21.

1,000 Clock Cards for just £42.

2,000 Clock Cards for just £73.50

Expandable Card Rack

20 slot expandable card rack for any of our clocking in machines.

20 slot expandable card rack for any of our clocking in machines.



Metal Card Rack

Metal card rack – 25 slot credit card size horizontal display.

25 slot credit card size horizontal display card rack.

Suitable for Proximity Attendance Unit (RFID) Cards.