Seiko TP-50 – Versatile Automatic Time Recorder Stamp

Seiko Tp-50 Time Stamp – Automated Time, Date, Numbering and Messaging printer from Seiko.


Seiko Tp-50 Time Stamp – Automated Time, Date, Numbering and Messaging printer from Seiko.


Introducing the new Seiko TP-50, the latest Time and Date Stamp Time Recorder from Seiko.  As well as the basic functions as the Seiko TP20, the Seiko TP50 has more advanced features and facilities.  Most noteworthy features include:

  • Up to 2 lines of automatic printing.
  • Up to 4 print patterns (or print sets) can be also be stored and accessed at the touch of a dedicated button.
  • Optional set up on unit or PC set up and transfer via USB memory stick.
  • Clear graphical display with text and icons.

Seiko has been known for precision, reliability and excellence since 1881.

The Seiko TP-50 is very versatile yet easy to use, typical uses include:

  • Job costing – in car/ vehicle servicing and repair garages.
  • Time attendance – in the work place.
  • Delivery/ dispatch – Hospitals, businesses, shops, warehouses.
  • Ticketing/ Ticket validation – car parks, laundry.
  • Check-in/ Check-out – hotels, daycare, care homes.
  • Documents issuing/ Receiving – stock brokers, banking, local Government, college coursework.
  • Recording transactions – financial.
  • Plus more…
 More Details of the Seiko TP-50:
Versatile Number Counter:

The Seiko TP-50 offers flexible counting – count-up/ down, counting within a limited range, repeating numbers, counting in an endless loop. Ideal for ticketing and other applications.

Customised Comments:

Another new feature for the Seiko TP-50 is that it can have up to 8 bespoke formats or ‘customised comments’.

Shifted Time Printing:

As well as current date & time, another feature of the Seiko TP-50 is that it can print shifted future dates and times (up to 14 days 23 hours and 59 minutes).  As a result this is especially relevant and useful for expiry dates, get-ready dates for retail, food preparation and also for labs.

Easy alignment of print position:

Using the slide lever and the paper guide gauge the printing position of the paper/ card can also be adjusted and fixed into the correct position.

Looking for a lower price? then why not consider an ex-demonstration or ex-rental Seiko TP-20 unit fully serviced and also includes a full 6 months warranty guarantee for just £149. Contact 01252 517123 for availability.

Furthermore, we also offer an installation service through our partner company Allday Time Systems. An experienced engineer will attend your site to set up and install the Seiko Tp50 for you. With our Seiko TP50 installation service we will also provide 12 months on-site support giving you complete peace of mind with a quality yet affordable price.

If you are interested in our installation service then either call us on 01252 517123 or email for more details.